You can now experience lasting results with Laser Genesis
at New You Wellness Center in Tomball, Texas.
You can say “bye” to fine lines and sagging skin while welcoming a “new you.”


As an upcoming exciting event approaches, and you desire more rejuvenation than over-the-counter treatments can offer, Laser Genesis from New You Wellness Center becomes the ideal solution.

Whether it’s preparing for a special meeting or addressing a noticeable skin concern, Laser Genesis is surely the rejuvenating “pick-me-up” you need.

This unique and effective treatment delivers high-quality results swiftly, ensuring you experience no downtime or an overdone look. Instead, revel in noticeably enhanced skin, radiating a natural glow that accentuates one of your best features, with both instant and lasting results.

Laser Genesis represents an innovative and technologically advanced approach to achieving vibrant, healthy-looking skin for both men and women.

After all, this treatment addresses various conditions associated with premature aging, including sun damage, excessive redness, large pores, uneven texture, and fine-line wrinkles, allowing you to maintain a youthful appearance.

All you have to do is give us a call today to learn more about Laser Genesis at New You Wellness Center.


Laser Genesis in Tomball, Texas, stands as a non-ablative laser treatment, delicately heating the middle layers of your skin, known as the upper dermis.

In contrast to ablative treatments that remove the surface layer, non-ablative treatments, like Laser Genesis, treat portions of the underlying skin through micro-punctures, allowing widespread improvement without compromising the skin’s top layer.

The gentle and comfortable nature of Laser Genesis initiates your body’s natural wound-healing response, leading to neocollagenesis, the production of new collagen in the skin. These two proteins are crucial for firmness and skin tightness, and they are stimulated during this process, which results in improved skin tone, elasticity, and hydration, contributing to a healthy glow.

Laser Genesis also addresses additional concerns, reducing small facial capillaries, alleviating symptoms of rosacea, fine lines, enlarged pores, and wrinkles.

Being a natural treatment, Laser Genesis is safe and effective for all skin types and can be undergone by both genders year-round, with no downtime.

However, it’s vital to understand that Laser Genesis isn’t a permanent solution, and regular follow-ups at New You Wellness Center are necessary due to the ongoing aging process depleting collagen stores.

Today, schedule a consultation with our team of experts to see whether Laser Genesis is for you.


Rejuvenating the skin involves different methods in ablative and non-ablative procedures – non-ablative approaches are suitable for those with milder symptoms, while ablative treatments are better for individuals with more severe symptoms.

It’s vital to note that having multiple skin concerns doesn’t necessarily mean ablative treatment is always the best choice. Remember that non-ablative treatments can address a variety of skin issues, providing ongoing rejuvenation and noticeable results.

To determine the most beneficial treatment for your specific needs, scheduling an in-person consultation with our team of certified medical professionals is the most reliable approach.

You can rest assured that our team at New You Wellness Center can assess your concerns, understand your goals, and recommend the safest and most effective options to achieve your desired outcome.

Indeed, the focus is on you during your consultation, allowing ample time for questions and empowering you to guide the course of your treatments.

Should you want to get started on Laser Genesis, know that New You Wellness Center is only a call away.

Are you tired of seeing fine lines and wrinkles all over your face? Well, the answer to all your skincare concerns might be Laser Genesis. If you’re ready to achieve a smooth and healthier-looking skin, schedule a session at New You Wellness Center in Tomball, Texas.

Experience liberation

from hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and various skin concerns with our advanced Laser Genesis at New You Wellness Center.

Today, you can embrace the pleasure of long-lasting smoothness, while unlocking newfound confidence and welcoming a transformed version of yourself.

Experience the “new you,” here in Tomball, Texas, only at New You Wellness Center.

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