Discover enduring results with Spider Vein Treatment
at New You Wellness Center in Tomball, Texas.
Say “goodbye” to those pesky spider veins as you welcome your best version yet.


We have to know that “spider veins” are small and thready blood vessels that appear on the face and body, which creates uneven pigmentation, especially in specific facial areas, as they enlarge over time.

Typically seen in aging individuals, these veins result from damaged blood vessels.

Here at New You Wellness Center, we employ a combination of radio frequencies and multi-spectrum laser technology to offer one of the most advanced and effective Spider Vein Treatments in Tomball, Texas. The procedure is virtually painless and requires no recovery time, allowing you to enhance your beauty effortlessly.

The treatment we provide at our medical spa is an effective treatment option, where our patients can notice results within 3 to 6 sessions.

You can explore more about spider veins and your treatment options by giving us a call now.


Removing spider veins offers several benefits for our clients in Tomball, including the following:

  • Safe IPL treatment effectively eliminates spider veins, especially those on the face.

  • Addressing the unsightly nature of spider veins enhances the overall appearance.

  • Experiencing no downtime or recovery after the IPL or PhotoFacial Treatment.

  • Opt for a non-invasive alternative to invasive procedures for effective results.

  • Achieve noticeable improvements within three to six weeks.

You can rest assured that our team of experts at New You Wellness Center in Tomball, Texas, is always ready to assist you in enhancing your beauty and self-confidence – that’s for sure.

Remember, beauty is ageless, so schedule a consultation today to see whether our Spider Vein Treatment could be your next go-to treatment.


Did you know that photorejuvenation, which is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of spider veins or “telangiectasias,” offers a safe and effective solution at New You Wellness Center?

You can rest assured that our technology combines radio-frequency and laser energy, delivering energy into the skin without disrupting its surface. This non-invasive approach targets irregular skin pigmentation, rosacea, blotchy brown spots, and uneven skin texture while preserving the integrity of healthy surrounding tissues.

Additionally, photorejuvenation stimulates collagen production, smoothing out fine wrinkles for smoother, healthier, and younger-looking skin.

While commonly performed on the face, this treatment can also address problem areas on the neck, chest, and hands, improving their overall appearance.

Here at New You Wellness Center, we provide top-notch aesthetic technology and we employ the latest protocols to ensure exceptional results. With a doctor always present on-site, our staff is thoroughly trained and certified in the procedures we undertake.

All of our clients in Tomball, Texas, can rest assured that they’re in safe and secure hands – that’s a guarantee. So why don’t you give us a call today to see whether our Spider Vein Treatment is something that might work for you?

Are you bothered by the appearance of “spider veins” on your body? Well, the solution to your skincare concerns could be Spider Vein Treatment. If you’re prepared to achieve a smoother and more flawless skin, simply book a session at New You Wellness Center in Tomball, Texas.

If you’ve been wanting to bid farewell to the “spider veins” around your body, the Spider Vein Treatment at New You Wellness Center could be the answer you’re looking for.

Today, embrace the pleasure of long-lasting smoothness while unlocking newfound confidence and welcoming a “new you.”

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