Through a straightforward injection, individuals can achieve enhanced and more regular orgasms, along with reduced urinary incontinence, leading to a more content and healthier lifestyle – all with the help of O-ShotRX and P-ShotRX at New You Wellness Center.


The O-ShotRX, or “Orgasm Shot,” presents a groundbreaking solution for women seeking to enhance their sexual experience.

We have to understand that as women age, especially following vaginal childbirth, they may encounter challenges such as difficulty achieving orgasms or experiencing sexual pleasure. Additionally, stress urinary incontinence can develop, leading to involuntary urine loss when coughing, laughing, or sneezing.

The O-ShotRX addresses these issues by providing a rejuvenating solution. With a simple injection, our clients in Tomball, Texas, can enjoy increased sexual desire, stronger and more frequent orgasms, heightened arousal from G-spot stimulation, and an alternative to bladder sling surgery. It may also offer potential benefits for those dealing with Lichen Sclerosis.

Know that O-ShotRX at New You Wellness Center is a transformative treatment that aims to contribute to a happier and healthier life.


If you require more details regarding our O-ShotRX at New You Wellness Center in Tomball, Texas, simply read through the following frequently asked questions:

How does it operate?
The O-ShotRX entails a non-invasive and natural procedure that commences when drawing blood from the client. Using a centrifuge, platelets containing the body’s natural growth factors are isolated from the client’s own blood. This platelet-rich plasma (PRP) solution, enriched with nutrients, is subsequently injected into the clitoris and upper vagina, specifically targeting the area responsible for generating a sexual response, commonly referred to as the “orgasm spot” or the “o-spot.”
What’s the duration of the procedure?
The entire procedure typically lasts around 20 to 30 minutes.
How quickly will results be evident?
Countless clients report an improvement in urinary incontinence and sexual experience within two weeks post-treatment. However, some of our clients have also experienced an immediate change in their sexual drive and ability – it’s a case-to-case basis.
What’s the recovery time after the treatment?
While some of our clients may encounter temporary soreness following the injection, they should be able to resume normal activities, including sexual intercourse and clitoral stimulation, immediately.
How uncomfortable is the O-ShotRX procedure?
Due to the application of a potent anesthetic cream to the area before the treatment, the O-ShotRX itself is associated with very little to no pain.

However, individual pain levels may also vary among clients.

Should you want to know more about O-ShotRX or if you want to try it for yourself, simply reach out to our team of experts at New You Wellness Center.


Are you dealing with “erectile dysfunction” or simply seeking ways to enhance your performance in the bedroom? Well, the P-ShotRX, or “Priapus Shot,” introduces an innovative method to boost male sexual function in Tomball, Texas.

This penile injection for men aims to restore proper blood flow and promote the growth of new penile tissue, distinguishing itself from other treatments and medications by avoiding vascular side effects.

Some of the benefits of the P-ShotRX include enhancement of sexual function, improvement in blood flow, strengthening and increased frequency of erections, absence of vascular side effects, and the augmentation of thickness (girth) and occasional length of the penis.

Should you want to know more about our P-ShotRX at New You Wellness Center, all you have to do is call us.


If you require additional information about our P-ShotRX at New You Wellness Center in Tomball, Texas, please review the following commonly asked questions:

How does it work?
The P-Shot at New You Wellness Center involves a non-invasive procedure where blood is drawn from the client. Platelets with natural growth factors are isolated using a centrifuge, creating a nutrient-rich platelet-rich plasma (PRP) solution. Then, this solution is activated and injected into the penis by a licensed medical professional, stimulating new penile tissue, enhancing nerve sensation, and increasing blood flow.
How long will the procedure take?
The entire procedure lasts around 30 minutes.
How soon will I notice the results?
Some of our clients experience an immediate increase in girth and function, while most report improved sexual function and size within 3 to 4 weeks post-treatment.
How can I ensure the best results?
A package of two or three P-ShotRX is always recommended, with annual procedure repetition from New You Wellness Center. Plus, combining the P-ShotRX with other erectile dysfunction treatments, such as hormone balancing, shock wave therapy, or prescription medications, is shown to enhance effectiveness and can be discussed in a consultation.
What’s the recovery time?
Termed the “lunch break procedure,” clients can resume normal activity, including sexual intercourse, immediately. Although numbness from the anesthetic is normal for a few hours after the procedure – this is something you should keep in mind.

If you wish to learn more about P-ShotRX or experience it first-hand,
feel free to contact our team of experts at New You Wellness Center.

If you want to explore a new realm of enhanced sexual well-being, then consider trying the O-ShotRX or P-ShotRX.

You can contact us at New You Wellness Center to embark on a journey toward greater satisfaction and improved sexual function – welcome that “new you” today.

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