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6 Ways You Can Help Our Houston Community During the Coronavirus Outbreak

6 Ways You Can Help Our Houston Community During the Coronavirus Outbreak

This isn’t the first time humankind has faced adversity. Throughout history, there have been challenging times that required communities to come together to support one another and overcome the difficulty they faced. As our world confronts COVID-19 Coronavirus, we have the choice to combat the spread of the virus with responsibility, faith, and solidarity. 

Houston chose to prioritize the community’s health care and solidarity with the elderly and vulnerable without losing faith that we are doing this for our common wellbeing. While we continue looking out for the greater good of our community, we wanted to share a few things we can do to help our fellow Houstonians during the Stay-Home-Work-Safe order, and without compromising our own health.




  1. Houston Food Bank – The Houston Food Bank distributes nutritious hot meals for children in need. They receive monetary donations and welcome volunteers to help with the packing of Quarantine Food Kits for Houstonians. Click here to make a donation or offer your help.
  2. Texas Diaper Bank – This is a non-profit organization that helps parents with infants, seniors, and children with disabilities by providing diapers, food, baby essentials, education, and more to those families in need. To schedule your donation contact the Program Resources Officer at (210) 461-1871 or visit their monetary donation page here.
  3. One Fair Wage – This organization raises emergency cash assistance funds for tipped workers and others employed in the restaurant industry who have recently lost their jobs or who are suffering from shift cuts because of the coronavirus outbreak. You can help them with your donation by clicking here. They also offer a volunteering program click here if you are interested.
  4. White Oak Music Hall Staff Fund – In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, many of the staff at White Oak Music Hall in Houston have lost their income due to the venue’s closure. In response, they have created a GoFundMe page, with the earnings going directly to support the employees.  If you want to make a donation, click here.
  5. Blood Donation – The spread of COVID-19 across the world has led to a severe increase in blood demand. If you are eligible and healthy and want to donate, you can contact the America’s Blood Centers near you to schedule an appointment or the American Red Cross to give blood as soon as possible. One donation can save three lives.
  6. Lend a Hand to a High-Risk Neighbor – If you have neighbors with chronic conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure or that are older than 65 or immunocompromised, then they are at higher risk for the coronavirus. If you are not in that group and would like to help, log in to your Nextdoor account to lend a helping hand so those at greater risk can stay home safely. You can pick up their groceries at the supermarket or get their meds from the pharmacy drive-thru. If they are well stocked but lonely, call them by phone just to chat. This is the best time to come together as a community.




We take our role in the healthcare field and in our community very seriously. Just like before, our commitment to optimizing the health of our NYWC family remains and perseveres. 


    1. Discounted Telemedicine Visits for Those on the Front Lines – If you or someone you know has a role on the front lines and is in need of a telemedicine consultation, Dr. Goffi and our nursing staff will provide a free or discounted health assessment. It’s important to us that the health of all grocery and food service employees, healthcare workers, and first responders remains a priority as they support our community.
    2. Continued Support for our Patients – During this pandemic, we remain committed to preserving your hormone plans, guaranteeing medications, and coordinating with you via SMS. We’re also aware that the anxiety and stress surrounding the circumstances we’re facing are trying. We want to commit ourselves to provide you with relevant, helpful information about what’s happening in the community as well as how to optimize both your physical and mental health.
    3. Streamlining Our Communication and Services – As we work to provide you with the most relevant information, you may see communication from us via SMS. Please be on the lookout for communication regarding your treatment plans. We are also offering phone consultations and telemedicine visits for those experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
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