About New You Wellness Center

Tomball Medical Day Spa

New You Wellness Center was born to quench Dr. Goffi’s zeal to heal and help patients live a better life.

Our family practice is focused on preventive medicine and reducing the dependency on prescription medications, we go beyond the common practice in the field of simply prescribing medication based on the latest health condition.  Our focus is to give patients the information, resources, and support they need so that they can be healthy and vibrant on their own. Prevention is our main goal.

Dr. Goffi believes self-worth is one of the biggest sources of energy and that by helping patients maintain hormonal balance, manage their weight properly, and learn how to eat and exercise intelligently, he can make a great contribution to their well-being and overall quality of life.

Living a better life implies being pain-free, excited and energetic to pursue your life goals.
– Adriano Goffi, M.D.

Why Choose New You Wellness Center?

  • Our treatments are proven to help you supercharge your energy, feel younger, heal ailments and injuries, and lose weight for good.
  • Dr. Goffi and his staff will treat you like family. We provide our clients with the utmost care and attention because we are here to serve.
  • Beyond being qualified for surgical procedures, Dr. Goffi is also Board Certified in Family Practice.
  • We believe in being fully accessible to our patients. If you have an emergency or can’t wait to get advice, you can reach Dr. Goffi or one of our friendly staff members directly at your convenience.
  • We accommodate patients of every body type, size, skin color, and BMI.


Spend time with our team and you’ll see why our clients continue to return and refer their friends and family to New You Wellness Center!

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