Fat Burning Injections in Houston, Texas

What Are Fat Burning Injections?

Fat burning injections in Houston, Texas

Fat Burning Injections, also called Lipotropic Injections or Lipotropic B12 Injections, utilize an effective combination of energy-boosting B12 and fat-burning ingredients to aid in weight loss. With the goal of enhancing metabolism and improving weight loss efforts, many individuals are choosing routine lipo injections as an added tool in their weight loss program.

By working to accelerate metabolism and shed difficult fat deposits, fat burning injections are a powerful resource that can be used alongside proper nutrition and exercise to help patients reach a healthier weight and achieve their wellness goals.

How Do Fat Burning Injections Work?

Lipotropic B12 Injections are comprised of a unique combination of essential nutrients that are capable of boosting energy and burning fat. When fat and bile become trapped in the liver, a slow-down in metabolism can occur. When this happens, the stored fat can become stubborn and hard-to-lose, even with effective exercise and nutrition. Instead of weight loss, this storage of trapped fat and bile leads to a blockage in normal fat burning.

The injections work by simultaneously boosting energy, increasing metabolic rate, and improving the transport of fat and toxins through the body. This optimization, in turn, leads to enhanced physiological function that is incredibly beneficial in weight loss. By incorporating the fat burning injections into your weight loss plan, you provide your body with resources that allow maximum usage of stored fat that has accumulated around the liver.

Along with stimulating the liver and improving metabolic rate, the Lipo B12 injections can effectively work to help patients lose weight and boost their wellness.

Advantages of Fat Burning Injections

Along with aiding in weight loss, lipo injections can play a huge role in enhancing overall wellness and restoring health. In addition to shedding weight, patients receiving Lipotropic B12 injections may also notice:

  • Help with hormone imbalances
  • Improved heart and liver health
  • Improved digestive health
  • Boosts in the immune system
  • Optimized metabolism

Am I a good candidate for fat burning injections?

Individuals struggling to reach a healthier, ideal weight may be a good candidate for our Fat Burning Injections. Our lipo injections are recommended as part of a complete weight loss program that includes proper nutrition and regular workouts. If you think Fat Burning Injections may be right for you, contact our team at New You Wellness Center in Tomball to schedule a consultation.

We’ll assess your medical history, talk to you about your weight loss goals, and discuss the role our Lipotropic B12 Injections can play in your weight loss plan

What To Expect During a Procedure at New You in Houston, Texas

Prior to your first injection, our team will provide detailed information and assess your medical history in order to maximize your comfort during the procedure. Similar to a standard vaccination, the injection site will be prepped and sanitized in order to eliminate the risk of infection. The prepared Lipotropic B12 compound will be administered with a small needle into an intra-muscular area — typically the buttocks, upper arm, hip, or another area with ample fatty tissue. The injection will be completed within a matter of minutes and will require no downtime, allowing you to return to your normal routine immediately post-treatment.

For many patients, our Fat Burning Injection may be administered up to twice weekly for a period of several weeks to several months depending on your weight and weight loss goals.

Why NYWC in Tomball, Texas

Our team at New You Wellness Center in Tomball, Texas is dedicated to helping you optimize your health and regain your vitality. Along with utilizing treatments proven to supercharge your energy and help you live a fuller, pain-free life, we provide you with the resources, support, and information you need to maximize your health and well-being. Serving Houston, Tomball, Cypress, and Spring, our dedication to helping our patients live their best life carries over into each interaction we have.

Helping our patients reach a healthier weight can lead to a greater sense of well-being and confidence that affects overall health and carries over to every other aspect of life. If you’re ready to achieve healthy weight loss with an effective solution, call to schedule a consultation today to find out if our Fat Burning Injections are right for you.


Are fat burning injections right for me?

If you have difficulty losing weight, even with proper diet and proactive exercise, it may be beneficial to consider lipotropic injections. When fat deposits have become trapped in the liver, lipo injections can provide the solution to metabolize the stored fat and use it effectively.

What substances are included in a lipo injection?

Along with energy-boosting B12, our fat-burning injection contains a powerful combination of essential nutrients needed to boost metabolism and help with the transportation of fat and toxins through the body. At the foundation of the fat-burning compound is something known as MIC — Methionine, Inositol, and Choline. Methionine is an amino acid that helps to improve overall bodily functions, including the function of the liver. Inositol is a B-family vitamin that plays a role in metabolizing fat and improving insulin function. Choline is another important nutrient that is responsible for fat metabolism and transport throughout the body. Through a Lipotropic B12 injection, each of these nutrients works together to improve fat metabolism and ensure that the body is effectively using stored fat for fuel and energy.

How many lipo injections will I need?

The number of lipo injections recommended will depend on each patient’s medical history, starting weight, and weight loss goal. Typically, fat-burning injections are administered between one and two times per week over the span of several weeks to several months. The culmination of the Lipotropic B12 injections will depend on the patient’s progress and whether or not they have reached their weight loss goal.

How do lipo injections work?

Lipotropic B12 injections work by simultaneously boosting energy, optimizing metabolism, and improving bodily function. In turn, this leads to enhanced physiological function that is incredibly beneficial in weight loss and fat metabolization. The fat burning injections, when combined with proper nutrition and exercise, allow maximum usage of stubborn fat deposits that have accumulated around the liver.

Are there risks or side effects associated with lipo injections?

As with any supplement, there are potential side effects to take into consideration, including allergic reactions, upset stomach, and headache. We’ll make sure to discuss the potential of these side effects with you in more detail prior to treatment.

How quickly will I see results from my fat burning injections?

How quickly you see results will depend on a number of factors, including diet and exercise. Many patients will notice increased energy levels almost immediately following the first set of injections.

Are there different options for types of fat burning injections?

Yes, there are a variety of injection types that include various combinations of B12 and its complementary fat-burning compound. At New You Wellness Center in Tomball, our fat-burning injections include B12 and MIC. While B12 is responsible for increased energy, the Methionine, Inositol, and Choline each work together to enhance bodily functions, increase metabolism, and effectively use fat stores for fuel.