Female and Male Sexual Enhancement Treatments

Don’t let aging stop you from experiencing a pleasurable sex life.

What happens to our sexual function as we age?

sexual enhancement treatment in Houston, TXOur bodies change as we age – but sexual pleasure and interest does not necessarily decrease as we get older. Common obstacles to a pleasurable sex life include low libido, vaginal dryness, and erectile dysfunction.

For men, the causes can range from reduced testosterone levels, decreased blood flow to the penis, impaired nerve function, or erectile tissue becoming less elastic over time.

For women, decreasing levels of estrogen (particularly after menopause) can cause vaginal dryness. This can make sex uncomfortable and less enjoyable.

Common Changes to Sexual Response for Men and Women as they Age

Sexual Enhancement Treatment Options

Treatment options vary depending on your medical situation, history, and underlying causes. These are some of the possibilities:

Hormone Replacement Therapy
Many times, hormonal imbalances are a primary reason for decreased libido and lack of energy. Testosterone (in men) and estrogen (in women) play key roles in the level of interest in sexual relations and the ability to experience pleasure. Restoring hormonal balance can be an extremely effective way to help rekindle passion and sexual enjoyment.
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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy
PRP Therapy is the process of harvesting your own healing blood cells (platelets) and injecting them in high concentrations directly into specific areas you want to heal.

For men, PRP enhances sexual performance by generating new tissue in the penis, treating erectile dysfunction, and improving sexual pleasure and performance. Learn about the P-shot

For women, it leads to improvement in sensation and improvement in the tone of tissue around the urethra, enhancing sexual enjoyment, and aiding in the management of urinary incontinence.
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Medical Weight Loss
For many patients, losing excess weight boosts energy, restores hormonal balance and, consequently, increases libido, improves sexual performance, enhances body confidence, and, overall, makes sex much more enjoyable.
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If enhancing your sex life is important to you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Goffi to determine which treatment option is best for you.

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