PRP Hair Loss Treatment in Houston, Texas

What is the PRP Hair Loss Treatment?

PRP hair loss treatment in Tomball, TXThe PRP Hair Loss Treatment is a non-surgical solution to hair loss that relies on the body’s own naturally-occurring growth factors to stimulate collagen production, promote tissue regeneration, and thus encourage new hair growth. The treatment involves the injection of platelet-rich plasma, a powerful healing component found in our blood.

The concentrated PRP substance is injected into the scalp of a patient suffering from hair loss or thinning hair, where it works to rejuvenate the hair follicles and increase circulation.

Many individuals are turning to this natural, contemporary approach to regenerate impaired hair follicles and reverse the effects of hair loss.

How does the PRP Hair Loss Treatment Work?

Platelet-rich plasma is the portion of our blood that is home to powerful growth factors capable of revitalizing damaged tissue and triggering the creation of new, healthy cells. During a PRP Hair Loss Treatment, a portion of the patient’s platelet-rich plasma is separated and concentrated from a simple blood sample.

When this enriched plasma is introduced into the scalp where hair growth has been stunted, the concentrated growth factors communicate with one another to repair and rebuild. Through this communication, the body’s natural healing response is amplified, leading to rejuvenation of the damaged area.

Over the course of several injections, a process of restoration takes place that triggers new hair growth.

Am I a good candidate?

The PRP Hair Loss Treatment may be beneficial for a number of individuals who suffer from hair loss or symptoms associated with hair loss conditions. If you have thinning hair, fine hair, or a receding hairline, you may be a candidate for this PRP hair loss treatment. This procedure may also be indicated for patients who suffer from androgenetic alopecia, otherwise known as male pattern baldness.

A more thorough consultation with our team at New You Wellness Center in Tomball, Texas will help us determine if PRP Hair Loss Treatment is right for you.

What to Expect During a PRP Hair Treatment Procedure

The Platelet-Rich Plasma Procedure for hair loss begins with a standard blood draw. Once a blood sample has been collected from the patient, the sample undergoes a process of separation with the use of a specialized technique. During this part of the process, the concentrated platelet-rich plasma portion of the blood is isolated from the other parts of the blood.

After the separation takes place, the patient’s PRP is prepared for injection into the scalp. Prior to injection, a local anesthetic may be applied to the scalp in order to minimize any pain or discomfort felt during this step of the procedure. Once the rich plasma is ready for injection and the patient has been prepped, the concentrated substance is injected into various points on the scalp. When the injection is complete, patients can expect to return to their normal daily activities immediately, feeling no more than slight tenderness at the injection site.

PRP Hair Restoration typically consists of an initial three sessions, with 4-6 weeks between each session. Once a patient completes the recommended number of injections, maintenance sessions once or twice a year may be recommended.

Why NYWC in Houston, Texas?

Serving Houston, Tomball, Spring, and Cypress, our team at New You Wellness Center is dedicated to supporting each patient as they achieve healing and maximize their wellness. Along with utilizing state-of-the-art treatments proven to supercharge your energy and help you live a pain-free life, we offer a number of cosmetic procedures aimed at increasing your vitality and boosting your confidence.

Our PRP Hair Loss Treatment is an empowering option that naturally enhances the health and function of your hair follicles, leading to restorative, confidence-boosting benefits. If you’re interested in PRP for hair growth, call to schedule a consultation today to find out if PRP Hair Loss Treatment is right for you.

Patient Testimonial


I can now get a normal haircut! In as little as 3 weeks, I started seeing very noticeable results. I recommend New You Wellness Center confidently.
– Paul M, Patient from Tomball, TX