PRP Injections & Treatments for Anti Aging & Healing

3 Common Sports Injuries Treated with PRP Injection Treatments:

PRP injection and treatments for antiaging and healing in Houston, TXWhen damaged or injured tendons fail to heal with rest and physical therapy, we utilize PRP to reduce pain, improve joint function, and repair damage to the tendon’s tissue. Sports-related issues such as Tennis or Golf Elbow, Rotator Cuff Injuries (shoulder pain common in basketball and baseball players), and Plantar Fasciitis (severe heel pain common in runners) can benefit greatly from PRP. Unleash your body’s healing and rejuvenation power today!

PRP helps you look younger and heal difficult-to-treat sports-related chronic injuries.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an increasingly popular Regenerative Medicine Therapy used by celebrities, high-profile athletes, and regular people to get their body to heal and rejuvenate itself using the body’s own natural components.

Our blood is made up of a wide variety of cells, including red blood cells that carry oxygen to our working muscles, white blood cells that protect us from infection, platelets that heal our wounds, and plasma which carries these important cells along with nutrients, proteins, and hormones through a complex highway of blood vessels into every tissue in our body.

PRP Therapy is the process of harvesting your own healing blood cells (platelets), then injecting them in high concentrations directly into specific areas you want to rejuvenate or heal.

PRP Injection Treatments to Look Younger
Vampire Facelifts:

Combines all the advantages of PRP therapy with the use of a Botox Filler to produce impressive results.



Very happy with the results, I will be seeing you folks again soon!…
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I can now get a normal haircut!  In as little as 3 weeks, I started seeing very noticeable results. I recommend New You Wellness Center confidently.
– Paul M, Patient from Tomball, TX

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